10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC
  • 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC
  • 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC
  • 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC
  • 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC

10-Layer Rigid-Flex PC

The advantages of china 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PCB combination board are that it combines the characteristics of both FPC and PCB, Customized 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PCB most are people did,,so it can be used in products with special requirements, where there is both a flexible and rigid area, which helps to save space in the product and reduce its size, thereby improving its performance.This 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PCB made in china,we offer free sample.

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Product Description

Advance 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PCB are patterns of conductors printed on a flexible insulating film. A term used for a printed circuit is rigid-flex, which is a combination of flexible circuits and rigid circuits. Wholesale 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PCB is acceptable in our factory. .It is highly reliable, and the combination of rigid and flexible circuits can replace connectors to ensure high reliability in vibration, impact, humidity, and other harsh environments. Tell me your email box,we will offer you 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PCB price list.

Basic information:

Item name: 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PCB

Dimensions: 1000*1000mm

Product thickness: 0.05-3.00mm

Solder resistance: polyimide film (brown, black, white), ink (green, blue, black, etc.)

Character color: white, black, other

Surface process: sinking gold, sinking tin, gold plating, spray tin, anti-oxidation, bare copper, etc

Copper foil thickness: 1/3 oz, 1/2 oz, 1.0 oz, 1.5 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz

Minimum line width: 0.05mm/2mil

Minimum line distance: 0.05mm/2mil

Minimum aperture: 0.075mm/3mil

Forming method: laser cutting, die punching

Test methods: flying needle, test rack, AOI scan, X-Ray detection

Features of 10-Layer Rigid-Flex PCBs:

Shorten installation time, reduce installation costs, and make operation easier.

Difficult to manufacture, with high initial costs, and cannot be repaired after disassembly and damage.

Have the strength of rigid boards and can provide support.

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