Double-sided FPC

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Double-sided FPC.We are specializing in producing 2-layer to multi-layer PCB orders with medium to high yields (including blind and buried vias HDI). Please feel free to email us for inquiries! We support custom orders based on samples, and offer Double-sided FPC free samples.

A double-sided FPC is a flexible printed circuit board in which the conductive patterns are etched on both sides of an insulating base film to increase the wiring density per unit area.

We have established a reputation for stable product quality, advanced technology, and professional services, which has garnered recognition and favor in various countries. Our products are widely utilized across industries including industrial control, medical, aerospace, defense, and military sectors.

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  • Our company offer high quality smart home circuit board. The newest smart home circuit board, a cornerstone technology in modern science and technology, involves the integration of various electronic components onto a substrate to enable the functionality of electronic devices through component interconnection within an classy smart home circuit board. This process forms a crucial foundation for the development and advancement of numerous technological applications across diverse industries.

  • Hongxinda was established by a group of young engineers and sales,is a professional Vehicle-Mounted device circuit board manufacturer. The operational principle of the Vehicle-Mounted device circuit board is fundamentally grounded in electrical theory and the principles of physics. When precise control is necessitated within an electrical system, the circuit board assumes a pivotal role. It typically encompasses a multi-layer printed circuit board structure with numerous intricately designed wires that are configured into specific shapes to facilitate the seamless transfer of electrical signals to or from components.Low price Vehicle-Mounted device circuit board will be offered,welcome your inquire.

  • Buy wholesale china massage instrument circuit board from us, the most important thing we build is trust.We are professional OEM massage instrument circuit board manufacturer. Massage Instrument Circuit Boards are extensively utilized in a myriad of electronic devices, including consumer electronics such as computers, mobile phones, and televisions, as well as industrial equipment, medical apparatus, military hardware, and various other sectors. In these domains, the design and production of circuit boards must adhere to stringent standards of precision and reliability to ensure optimal performance and safety.

  • Welcome to our medical instrument circuit board processing factory! The medical instrument circuit board processing is a highly specialized manufacturing facility that focuses on the fabrication, assembly, and quality control of printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are fundamental components in modern electronic products. These newest medical instrument circuit board processing serve as the structural foundation for housing and interconnecting electronic components, enabling signal transmission and ensuring the proper functioning of electronic devices. Through a series of intricate processes such as etching, drilling, plating, and soldering using cutting-edge equipment and technologies, classy medical instrument circuit board processing meticulously translates designed circuit schematics into physical PCBs that meet stringent industry standards and precise specifications required for electronic product manufacturing.

  • Hot selling automotive LED light PCB board processing made in China, the automotive LED light PCB board processing is a specialized circuit board designed for use in automotive electronic systems, playing a critical role in the field of automotive electronics. In comparison to standard PCB boards, quality automotive LED light PCB board processing exhibit distinct differences, requiring superior vibration and high temperature resistance to ensure the reliable operation of electronic equipment.Buy automotive LED light PCB board processing from us,we will offer you satisfactory price.

  • Our supporting medical SMT patch processing factory is located in Shenzhen. The meticulous processing of china medical SMT patch processing is paramount in the fabrication of cutting-edge medical equipment, encompassing critical stages such as precise solder paste deposition, accurate component placement, advanced medical SMT patch processing reflow soldering techniques, and rigorous quality assessment protocols. These technical intricacies play a pivotal role in shaping the performance and reliability of the equipment and are indispensable considerations for electronic equipment manufacturers' procurement processes.Our company has obtained ISO 9001 quality system certification.Our products strictly implement quality system standards. 

As a professional Double-sided FPC manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory and offer free sample. Whether you need customized services or you want to buy discount and newest Double-sided FPC, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage.
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