Double-sided PCB

Shenzhen Hongxinda is a professional Double-sided PCB supplier specializing in PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and component procurement. Double-sided PCB range includes various types of PCBs such as multilayer PCBs, HDI PCBs, MC PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, and flexible PCBs. We have the capability to manufacture laser-drilled holes, impedance-controlled PCBs, buried vias and blind vias on the boards as well as plated-through holes using special materials or processes.

Double-sided PCB are usually made from epoxy glass cloth copper clad boards. They are mainly used in communication electronic equipment, high-end instruments and electronic computers with high performance requirements.

We provide value-added inspection services including SPI, AOI, X-ray, ICT, and functional testing.

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  • Hongxinda is one of the leading planar winding PCB manufacturers in China.We have a strong technical team. Consists of copper traces routed in the required shapes across various layers of the PCB. Both primary and secondary windings can be routed on the same planar winding PCB. Suitable isolation should be implemented between the primary and secondary windings, and where the quality planar winding PCB connects to the main transformer board. Use I/O pads to connect the winding board to the motherboard.

  • This Large size sensor PCB made in China,we have 15 years experience in China. Large size Sensor PCBs find applications ranging from environmental monitoring and business strategy to functionalities in consumer devices. They convert environmental events, such as motion, proximity, and temperature, into quantifiable signals, facilitating automation, operation, and statistical data collection. Customized large size sensor PCB is a device that detects and quantifies physical changes or conditions in its environment, then converts these findings into signals.

  • We are china camera PCB supplier. The PCB camera is a type of compact camera highly regarded for its overall flexibility. With optical components and image sensors directly mounted on the camera's circuit board, camera PCB manufacturers can eliminate parts to offer space-saving solutions. Monitoring systems and mobile phones are the most prominent managers of in-car cameras.

  • Our factory is main medical pcba manufacturer.The term "Medical PCBA" refers to the process of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB) for medical devices, which plays a crucial role in the field of medicine. Whether it is a sophisticated imaging system or a simple health monitoring device, at its core lies a circuit board comprised of electronic components. Advanced Medical PCBA is an integral part of medical equipment.

  • Hongxinda is the COB PCB supplier you search.COB (Chip-On-Board) PCB is a type of integrated circuit packaging technology that involves directly installing a bare semiconductor chip onto a circuit board. This newest COB PCB technology has gained widespread adoption in recent years due to its many advantages compared to traditional SMD (Surface Mounted Device) assembly technology. This packaging method is cost-effective, space-saving, lightweight, and has good heat dissipation. It reduces power consumption and improves the overall performance of electronic devices.

  • Hongxinda company specializes in wholesale IC Carrier design. IC Carrier uses a certain process, the transistors, resistors, capacitors and inductors required in a circuit and wiring interconnect together, made on a small or several small pieces of semiconductor chip or dielectric substrate, and then packaged in a tube shell, to become a micro structure with the required circuit function; We have more IC Carrier samples in stock.All components have been structurally formed as a whole, making electronic components a big step forward in terms of miniaturization, low power consumption, intelligence and high quality IC Carrier .

As a professional Double-sided PCB manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory and offer free sample. Whether you need customized services or you want to buy discount and newest Double-sided PCB, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage.
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