6-Layer HDI PCB
  • 6-Layer HDI PCB6-Layer HDI PCB
  • 6-Layer HDI PCB6-Layer HDI PCB
  • 6-Layer HDI PCB6-Layer HDI PCB
  • 6-Layer HDI PCB6-Layer HDI PCB

6-Layer HDI PCB

Thank you for your attention and support to our 6-Layer HDI PCB manufacturers, we are a professional production and sales of enterprises, we strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure that each product is often strict testing and testing, to ensure its performance and quality. PCB design technology of 6-Layer HDI PCB laminated impedance is a hot topic in the industry at present, newest 6-Layer HDI PCB is the abbreviation of High Density Interconnector, that is, high density interconnector. It is a circuit board manufactured using Microvia technology, which can achieve smaller line width/line spacing and higher line density.

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Product Description

HDI PCB (High Quality 6-Layer HDI PCB) is a circuit board with a high line distribution density achieved through the use of micro-blind and buried hole technologies. The laminated structure plays a crucial role in determining the EMC performance of the PCB board and serves as an important method for suppressing electromagnetic interference. As high-speed circuits continue to emerge, the complexity of 6-Layer HDI PCB increases, necessitating the separation of signal layers and power layers to mitigate electrical interference, thus requiring careful consideration in HDI PCB board laminated design. Can you send me a sample of your product?we will offer you a detail 6-Layer HDI PCB price list.

Basic information:

Item name: 6-Layer HDI PCB

Layers: 1 to 12 layers standard PCB

Blind via and buried via board

Finishing: SMOBC/HASL, lead-free SMOBC/HASL, organic OSP, hard/soft gold, plating tin, immersion silver, immersion tin, electrolysis nickel and immersion gold

Minimum track space: 4/4 mils, 3 mils partial allowed

Maximum size: 1,000 x 1,200mm

Minimum size: 3 x 3mm

Surface copper thickness:

Maximum: 6/6oz

Minimum: 0.5/0.5oz

Hard gold thickness: 50u-inch maximum

Maximum board thickness: 6.0mm

Payment Details:

Payment Terms:

Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)

6-Layer HDI PCB Feature:

The distinguishing feature of HDI products lies in their intricate wiring design, which facilitates greater component and connection integration on the board, leading to increased circuit density. HDI boards typically incorporate multiple inner layers that enable enhanced signal and power distribution, ultimately optimizing the board's performance.

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