8-Layer FPC Board
  • 8-Layer FPC Board8-Layer FPC Board
  • 8-Layer FPC Board8-Layer FPC Board
  • 8-Layer FPC Board8-Layer FPC Board
  • 8-Layer FPC Board8-Layer FPC Board
  • 8-Layer FPC Board8-Layer FPC Board

8-Layer FPC Board

It's crucial to understand the basic principles of 8-Layer FPC Board in order to grasp its impact on the electronics industry. At its core, an China 8-Layer FPC Board is a flexible printed circuit board with eight conductive layers stacked within a flexible substrate. This multi-layer setup boosts the capabilities of traditional FPCs, enhancing the functionality and performance of electronic devices. The unmatched versatility and compact design of Customized 8-Layer FPC Board allow them to be integrated into various electronic applications, from consumer electronics to medical devices and aerospace systems.

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Product Description

As we wrap up the prototype stage, our main focus now is on manufacturing cheap 8-Layer FPC Board. We're taking the validated designs and turning them into production-ready flexible circuit boards,also offer . 8-Layer FPC Board free sample.The process involves a series of complex steps to ensure precise layer alignment, flawless electrical connections, and top-notch structural integrity – all essential for delivering reliable, high-performance electronic solutions.Low price 8-Layer FPC Board.

Basic information:

Item name: 8-Layer FPC Board

Raw materials: CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-4(High TG), Rogers, TELFON

Layer: 8 Layers

Min.line width/space: 3mil/3mil(0.075mm/0.075mm)

Min.Hole size: 0.1mm(dirilling hole)

Max. Board size: 1200mm* 600mm

Finished board thickness: 0.2mm- 6.0mm

Copper foil thickness: 18um~280um(0.5oz~8oz)

NPTH Hole Tolerance: +/-0.075mm, PTH hole Tolerance: +/-0.05mm

Outline Tolerance: +/-0.13mm

Surface finished: Lead free HASL, immersion gold(ENIG), immersion silver, OSP, gold plating, gold finger, Carbon INK.

Impedance control tolerance: +/-10%

Remain thickness tolerance: +/-0.1mm

8-Layer FPC Board Typical finish types:

HASL: offers better solderability

LFHASL: provides better solderability

OSP: offers better solderability

IMM Ag: affords better solderability and Al (aluminum) wire bondable

IMM Sn: provides solderability

ENIG: offers solderability, Al wire bondable, and contact-surface

ENEPIG: better contact-surface, Al wire bondable, and solderability

Elec Au: is Al and Au (gold) wire bondable, better solderability and contact-surface

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