Circuit Board Control Board
  • Circuit Board Control BoardCircuit Board Control Board
  • Circuit Board Control BoardCircuit Board Control Board
  • Circuit Board Control BoardCircuit Board Control Board
  • Circuit Board Control BoardCircuit Board Control Board

Circuit Board Control Board

Buy circuit board control board from our company.Our company is located in Shenzhen.We have advanced circuit board control board automatic assembly line. The circuit board control board is typically a fundamental component of the overall system, responsible for regulating various operations and functions of the equipment, such as temperature control, speed adjustment, motion coordination, timing synchronization, and data transmission. China circuit board control board plays a crucial role in transmitting electrical signals between components to ensure the normal operation of the device.

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Product Description

Quality circuit board control board are pivotal in a wide array of applications, including industrial, automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer products. The newest circuit board control board processes input from sensors and subsequently outputs commands to actuators for the regulation of operations. The design of dependable and manufacturable control panels necessitates interdisciplinary collaboration and the utilization of manufacturing-specific technologies. This article delves into best practices for the development of circuit board control boards, encompassing product requirements through to volume manufacturing.

Basic information:

Item name: circuit board control board

Layer count:1-48 layers

Copper thickness:1/2oz,1oz,2oz,3oz,4oz,5oz

Board thickness:8-236mil(0.2-6.0mm)

Min.line width/space:3/3 mil(75/75um)

Min. drill size:8 mil(0.2mm)

Min. HDI laser drill size:3 mil(0.067mm)

Tolerance of hole size:2 mil(0.05mm)

PTH copper thickness:1 mil(25 um)

Solder mask color:Green,blue,yellow,white,black,red

Peelable solder mask:yes

surface treating:HASL(ROHS), ENING,OSP,IMMERSION SILVER,IMMERSION TIN,flash gold,gold finger

Gold thickness:2-30u" (0.05-0.76um)

Blind hole/buried hole:yes

Application range of circuit board control board:

The application range of the control board and the circuit board is different. Circuit boards have been widely used in a variety of electronic devices, including computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and so on.

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