Communication PCBA
  • Communication PCBACommunication PCBA
  • Communication PCBACommunication PCBA
  • Communication PCBACommunication PCBA
  • Communication PCBACommunication PCBA

Communication PCBA

Welcome to Hongxinda communication PCBA factory!We sold communication PCBA in bulk. The acronym PCBA refers to Printed Circuit Board Assembly. The communication PCBA manufacturing process primarily encompasses component placement, soldering, post-soldering processing, and functional testing. Effective operation and management are imperative to guarantee the quality of electronic products.

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Product Description

Quality communication PCBA, or Printed Circuit Board Assembly, is the final and crucial stage of the electronics manufacturing process. It encompasses not only the circuit board itself but also all electronic components that are meticulously soldered onto it. China communication PCBA represents the culmination of electronic manufacturing, where rigorous quality control measures are implemented to ensure that each unit meets stringent industry standards before being delivered as a finished product to the customer.Email us,we will offer you communication PCBA price list.

Basic information:

Item name: communication PCBA

Solder Mask Color:Blue.Green.Red.Black.White.etc

Surface Finishing:HASL\OSP\Immersion Gold


Maximum Board Size:640mm*1100mm

PCBA Testing Service:Aoi, Ict, X-ray, Flying Probe Test

PCBA Packaging:Static Packaging, Shockproof Packaging, Anti-Drop

Product Application:Consumer Electronics/Home Appliances/Medical Equip

PCB Silkscreen Color:Black, White, Yellow

Transport Package:Customized, ESD Bag/Vacuum Packaging+Bubble Bag,

Specification:Custom HDI PCBA

Communication PCBA features:

The primary differentiation between a PCB and a communication PCBA lies in the fact that a PCB is an unpopulated substrate, whereas a communication PCBA encompasses both the bare board and its integrated components. Furthermore, while PCBs are typically fabricated through subtractive processes such as etching or milling, the assembly of PCBA components is achieved through manual insertion or automated surface mount technology (SMT).

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