DuPont Material FPC
  • DuPont Material FPCDuPont Material FPC
  • DuPont Material FPCDuPont Material FPC
  • DuPont Material FPCDuPont Material FPC
  • DuPont Material FPCDuPont Material FPC
  • DuPont Material FPCDuPont Material FPC

DuPont Material FPC

FPC, also known as PET sheet or DuPont Material FPC, is a material with excellent electrical resistance.We are a china leading DuPont Material FPC supplier.FPC is a type of flexible circuit board made from polyimide film substrate using printed circuit technology, allowing it to flex and maneuver like a supple serpent in confined spaces.We usually give our customers more discount DuPont Material FPC if they buy multiple copies.

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Product Description

The continuous development of China DuPont Material FPC manufacturing industry has led to an increasing market demand for FPC. The advantages of FPC as a connection cable have gradually garnered attention. With the growing market demand for advanced DuPont Material FPC, the number of FPC layers will inevitably increase, and the DuPont Material FPC factory is expected to continue its trend of continuous growth in the next few years. The market shows good potential and prospects in various aspects such as technology improvement, supply and demand balance, and external environment.

Basic information:

Product name: DuPont Material FPC


Flame Retardant Properties:V0

Processing Technology:Delay Pressure Foil

Production Process:Subtractive Process

Base Material:Polyimide, Fr4, Fr1, Cem3, Ce

Insulation Materials:Epoxy Resin

Board Thickness:0.11mm-0.5mm, 0.2mm/0.4mm

Min. Hole Size:0.2mm/0.3mm

Min. Lin Width:0.075mm/0.075mm(3mil/3mil)

Min. Line Spacing:0.10mm, 0.1mm4mil

Surface Finishing:Immersion Gold, HASL, Enig

Solder Mask Color:Green, Black, Red, White

Max.Board Length:410*85mm



Copper Thickness:1oz/2oz/3oz

Types of DuPont Material FPC:

A single-sided flexible (IPC-6013 Type 1) overlay (polyimide + adhesive) is bonded to a binderless single-sided FPC core, with or without reinforcement.

Double-sided flexible (IPC-6013 Type 2) cladding is bonded to both sides of a binderless double-sided FPC core (two conductive layers) with electroplated through holes, with or without reinforcement.

Multiple layers of flexible (IPC-6013 Type 3) overlays are bonded to both sides of a binderless structure consisting of three or more conductive layers with electroplated through-holes, with or without reinforcement.

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