Flexible Circuit Board
  • Flexible Circuit BoardFlexible Circuit Board
  • Flexible Circuit BoardFlexible Circuit Board
  • Flexible Circuit BoardFlexible Circuit Board
  • Flexible Circuit BoardFlexible Circuit Board

Flexible Circuit Board

We are a leading wholesale flexible circuit board company,we provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. Flexible circuit boards can significantly reduce the form factor and mass of electronic products, rendering them ideal for the advancement of high-density, miniaturized, and highly reliable electronic devices.The exceptional electrical properties offered by advanced flexible circuit board also aid in reducing assembly processes and improving reliability.

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Product Description

Do you want to know about my company? We are a china flexible circuit board manufacturer.We offer wholesale price. High quality Flexible Circuit Board (Flexible Printed Circuit, referred to as FPC), is a flexible substrate, (such as polyimide film, polyester film, etc.) as the base, through a special manufacturing process to wire, thin wire and other functional parts printed or attached to the substrate circuit board. Recently cheap flexible circuit board for most people like,welcome your inquire!

Basic information:

Item name: Flexible Circuit Board

PCB certificate:RoHS Directive-Compliant

PCB Thickness:1.6 ±0.1mm

Out Layer Copper Thickness:0.5-5oz

Inner Layer Copper Thickness:0.5-4oz

PCB max. board thickness:6.0mm

Minimum Hole Size:0.20mm

Minimum Line Width/Space:3/3mil

Min. S/M Pitch:0.1mm(4mil)

Plate Thickness and Aperture Ratio :30:1

Minimum Hole Copper:20µm

Hole Dia. Tolerance(PTH):±0.075mm(3mil)

Hole dia. Tolerance(NPTH):±0.05mm (2mil)

Hole Position Deviation:±0.05mm (2mil)

Outline Tolerance:±0.05mm (2mil)

Use of Flexible Circuit Board:

Consumer electronics: smartphones, tablets, televisions, stereos, etc.

Automotive electronics: monitoring equipment, safety systems, navigators, etc.

Medical equipment: pacemaker, medical monitor, artificial respirator, etc.

Smart home: smart door locks, wearable devices, smart home appliances, etc.

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