Functional Circuit Board
  • Functional Circuit BoardFunctional Circuit Board
  • Functional Circuit BoardFunctional Circuit Board
  • Functional Circuit BoardFunctional Circuit Board
  • Functional Circuit BoardFunctional Circuit Board

Functional Circuit Board

High quality functional circuit board is available in various types including aluminum substrate, FR4 board, and CEM-1 board. These classy functional circuit boards can be categorized based on technical processes such as copper etched circuit boards, rosin circuit boards, lead or lead-free spray tin circuit boards, OSP process, and gold process. Functional circuit board made in china.Additionally, they can also be classified by thickness ranging from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. Each type of PCB serves specific purposes and is chosen based on the requirements of the electronic application it will be used for.

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Product Description

We specialize in the production of bulk functional circuit board. Advanced functional circuit board is composed of conductive material with intricate circuits and connection points printed on it. Within the computer system, the durable functional circuit board plays a crucial role in facilitating connections among various hardware components such as the processor, memory, graphics card, and hard disk. These components communicate and collaborate with each other through the wires and connection points on the circuit board.

Basic information:

Item name: functional circuit board

Base Material:FR4,High TG FR4,Aluminum,Rogers ,CEM-3,CEM-1, etc.


Board Thickness:0.3mm~3.5mm

Board Thickness Tolerance (>0.1mm):±0.1mm

Finished Outer Copper Thickness:H/H0Z-5/50Z

Finished Inner Copper Thickness:H/H0Z-4/40Z

Min Board Size:8*8mm

Max Board Size:650*610mm

Min Line Width/Space:2.5/2.5mil

Min Hole Size:0.2mm

Hole Tolerance:±0.05mm

Solder Mask:Green,Red, Blue,White,Black,Yellow, etc.

Surface Finish:HASL,HASL Lead Free,OSP, Immersion/ENIG,Gold-plating/Goldfinger, etc.

Min S/M Bridge:3mil

Character Width (Min):0.15mm

Character Height (Min):0.85mm

Functional circuit board feature:

The circuit board features a multi-layered structure, with each layer containing wires and connecting points that are intricately linked to form a sophisticated circuit layout. These circuits facilitate the transmission and exchange of data and signals, enabling computers to operate efficiently. Furthermore, the circuit design on the board is meticulously optimized to ensure optimal signal transmission speed and stability, thereby guaranteeing smooth hardware operation.

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