Impedance Circuit Board
  • Impedance Circuit BoardImpedance Circuit Board
  • Impedance Circuit BoardImpedance Circuit Board
  • Impedance Circuit BoardImpedance Circuit Board
  • Impedance Circuit BoardImpedance Circuit Board

Impedance Circuit Board

The Shenzhen impedance circuit board factory mainly focuses on fast sampling and small to medium batch production of various products. The impedance circuit board is a well-designed laminated structure that effectively controls the characteristic cheap impedance circuit board. In practical circuits, the resistance value of the wire itself is negligible compared to the distributed impedance of the system, particularly in high-frequency circuits where characteristic impedance is primarily determined by unit distributed capacitance and unit distributed inductance of the wire.

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Product Description

Welcome to china impedance circuit board manufacturer,it is specialized in the production of a variety of single, double, high multi layers, HDI, the metallic substrate and FPC PCB. In instances where specific functional requirements and signals necessitate particular impedance, it is advisable to latest selling impedance circuit board. In high-frequency applications, ensuring the impedance matching of PCB traces is crucial for maintaining data integrity and signal clarity. This is particularly important for preserving the quality impedance circuit board of communication in electronic systems and preventing signal degradation or loss.

Basic information:

Item name: impedance circuit board

Base Material:Copper

Insulation Materials:Organic Resin


Layer Count:6 Layers

Board Thickness:3.2mm

Finished Copper Thickness:All 1 Oz

Thickness Material:Fr4

Surface Finish:Enig

Soldermask Color:Matte Green

Special:Impedance Controlled

Lead Time:9 Working Days

Fast Turn:4 Working Days

Ipc Standards:Ipc Class II

Transport Package:Vacuum Package

Impedance circuit board Applications:

·  Telecommunications

·  Computing 100MHz and above

·  High Quality Analog Video

·  Signal Processing

·  RF Communication

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