Medical PCBA
  • Medical PCBAMedical PCBA
  • Medical PCBAMedical PCBA
  • Medical PCBAMedical PCBA
  • Medical PCBAMedical PCBA

Medical PCBA

Our factory is main medical pcba manufacturer.The term "Medical PCBA" refers to the process of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB) for medical devices, which plays a crucial role in the field of medicine. Whether it is a sophisticated imaging system or a simple health monitoring device, at its core lies a circuit board comprised of electronic components. Advanced Medical PCBA is an integral part of medical equipment.

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Product Description

The high quality Medical PCBA equipment is a critical component in the manufacturing process, and its quality and performance directly impact the reliability and safety of the equipment. To ensure patient safety and health, Mecical PCBA manufacturers must maintain a high level of vigilance and responsibility throughout the entire manufacturing process.We can also accept customized PCBA.

Basic information:

Supplier Type:OEM

Layer:1-64 Layers

Material Type:FR4


Application field:Communications medical industry control etc.

Board Thickness:0.2mm-7.0mm

Min. Line Width:0.075mm/0.075mm(3mil/3mil)

Min. Hole Size:0.15mm

Surface treatment:Flash gold ,ENIG, ENEPIG, gold fingers hard gold, HASL LF , HASL

Solder mask color:Green, blue , yellow , white , black

The significance of Medical PCBA :

Precision: Medical devices demand a high level of precision to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Any defects or errors in the circuit board can lead to device failure or provide inaccurate information, posing a serious risk to patient health.

Reliability: Medical devices often require operation in continuous working environments, placing high demands on the reliability of the circuit board. Sudden device failure can result in surgery interruption, data loss, or other medical errors.

Safety: As medical devices are directly related to patient life and health, their circuit boards must adhere to strict safety standards in design and manufacture. This includes but is not limited to electromagnetic compatibility, overheat protection, fire prevention, etc.

Miniaturization: With technological advancements, many medical devices are pursuing smaller sizes and higher integration. This necessitates a more compact circuit board design and finer component connections.

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