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What are the applications of Multilayer Board?


The advantages and comparisons discussed above beg the question: what's the use of multilayer PCBs in real world?  The answer is just about any use.

For numerous industries, multilayer PCBs have become the preferred option for a variety of applications.  Much of this preference derives from the continuous push across all technology toward mobility and functionality.  Multilayer PCBs are the logical step in this progression, achieving greater functionality while reducing size.  As such, they've become fairly ubiquitous, used in many technologies including:

• Consumer Electronics: Consumer electronics is a broad term used to cover a wide range of products used by the general public.  This tends to include products used on a daily basis, such as smartphones and microwaves.  Each of these consumer electronics contains a PCB, but an increasing proportion of them are using multilayer PCBs instead of standard single layers.  Why?  Most of the reason lies in consumer trends.  People in the modern world tend to prefer multi-function gadgets and smart devices that integrate with the rest of their lives.  From universal remotes to smartwatches, these types of devices are fairly common in the modern world.  They also tend to use multilayer PCBs for their increased functionality and smaller size.

• Computer Electronics: Everything from servers to motherboards uses multilayer PCBs, primarily for their space-saving attributes and high functionality.  With these applications, performance is one of the most essential characteristics of a PCB, whereas cost is relatively low on the list of priorities.  As such, multilayer PCBs are an ideal solution for many technologies in this industry.

• Telecommunications: Telecommunication devices often use multilayer PCBs in numerous general applications, such as signal transmission, GPS and satellite applications.  The reason for this lies primarily in their durability and functionality.  PCBs for telecommunications applications are often either used in mobile devices or towers outdoors.  In such applications, durability is essential while still maintaining a high level of functionality.

• Industrial: Multilayer PCBs do prove more durable than several other options currently on the market, making them a good choice for applications where rough handling may be a daily occurrence.  As such, multilayer PCBs have become popular in several industrial applications, most notable of which are industrial controls.  From industrial computers to control systems, multilayer PCBs are used throughout manufacturing and industrial applications to run machinery, favored for their durability as well as their small size and functionality.

• Medical Devices: Electronics is becoming an increasingly essential part of the healthcare industry, functioning in every corner of the industry from treatment to diagnosis.  Multilayer PCBs are particularly favored in Medical industry for their small size, lightweight nature and impressive functionality compared to single-layer alternatives.  These benefits have led to multilayer PCBs being used in modern X-ray equipment, heart monitors, CAT scan equipment and medical testing devices etc.

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