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Characteristics of multilayer PCBs


Multilayer PCB refers to a multilayer circuit board used in electrical products. It covers a wide range of fields, including home appliances, computer peripherals, communications, optoelectronic equipment, instruments and meters, toys, aerospace, military industry, medical products, LED lighting and other industries.

The biggest difference between Multilayer PCB and single-sided board and double-sided board is the addition of internal power layer (maintaining the internal power layer) and ground layer. The power and ground network are mainly wired on the power layer.

However, the wiring of multilayer boards is mainly based on the top and bottom layers, supplemented by the middle wiring layer.

Therefore, the design of multilayer boards are basically the same as that of double-sided boards. The key lies in how to optimize the wiring of the internal power layer to make the wiring of the circuit board more reasonable and the electromagnetic compatibility better.

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