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"36-layer 1-stage HDI semiconductor test board developed"


1. Overview of semiconductors

Semiconductors refer to materials with electrical conductivity between conductors and insulators at room temperature. At present, semiconductor sales in the Chinese market account for 1/3 of the world, which is the largest share, equivalent to the sum of the United States, the European Union and Japan. However, this is mainly because China is the center of global manufacturing, especially the first in computer and mobile phone production, and consumes the most chips. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the promotion of strategic emerging industries such as 5G, Internet of Things, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new energy vehicles, the demand for semiconductors continues to increase.

As a major global manufacturer of electronic products, my country's demand for semiconductors has steadily increased and has become the main driving force for the growth of the global semiconductor market. The development of the semiconductor industry represented by integrated circuits has entered the fast lane. For the domestic semiconductor industry, this situation is both a challenge and an opportunity.

The development of the semiconductor integrated circuit industry has brought about the development of the integrated circuit testing industry, and the development of the testing industry has driven the development of semiconductor testing circuit boards. From the current stage of development, semiconductor test boards are mainly 10-16 layers at this stage, while high-end semiconductor processes will be directly upgraded to 30 layers with HDI levels. At present, the level of this process of Benqiang Circuit has surpassed most current PCB manufacturers.

ATE is the abbreviation of Automatic Test Equipment, used in the semiconductor industry, referring to the integrated circuit (IC) automatic test machine, which is used to detect the integrity of the integrated circuit function to ensure the quality of integrated circuit manufacturing.

At present, our company's 36-layer 1-stage HDIPCB circuit board has been successfully developed by the relevant technical research and development department, becoming a good start in the year of the ox.

2. Introduction to key process technologies of 36-layer 1-stage HDI board:

1) 36-layer 1-stage HDI board (thickness-diameter ratio 24:1, minimum hole-to-line spacing 0.125mm): ultra-high layer and high-density connection technology, with a high technical threshold, the main processing difficulties: inter-layer alignment, laser drilling, mechanical drilling, electroplating processing, etc. At present, there are very few domestic manufacturers with high process capabilities and fast delivery capabilities. Benqiang Circuit is close to the market. Based on the urgent needs of customers for high-level and high-end anylayer-HD! bare boards, we have overcome difficulties and finally successfully developed a 36-layer 1-stage board within 32 days within the industry's extreme delivery cycle, and delivered it to customers on schedule.

2) Layer deviation inspection after lamination:

Lamination uses a combination of high-frequency electromagnetic lamination and fusion machine + rivets, without layer deviation.

3) Laser drilling:

Laser drilling diameter is 0.1mm, as shown below:

4) Mechanical drilling:

Board thickness is 4.8mm, minimum mechanical drilling hole diameter is 0.2mm, and thickness-to-diameter ratio reaches 24:1.

5) Electroplating:

Board thickness is 4.8mm, minimum mechanical drilling hole diameter is 0.2mm, and thickness-to-diameter ratio reaches 24:1. Hole copper is required to be above 20um.

6) Production cycle: The production cycle is 32 days to complete the delivery, and the development is successfully delivered once.

Shenzhen Hongxinda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Technology R&D Center

September 11, 2022

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