Ultra-Thin Circuit Board
  • Ultra-Thin Circuit BoardUltra-Thin Circuit Board
  • Ultra-Thin Circuit BoardUltra-Thin Circuit Board
  • Ultra-Thin Circuit BoardUltra-Thin Circuit Board
  • Ultra-Thin Circuit BoardUltra-Thin Circuit Board

Ultra-Thin Circuit Board

Ultra-thin circuit board made in china,we have a strong engineering team and a professional procurement team for electronic components. Advanced ultra-thin circuit board, often referred to as a thin PCB or sheet, is distinguished by its remarkably reduced thickness compared to that of a standard printed circuit board (PCB). The typical thickness of a PCB falls within the range of 1.0mm to 2.0mm, with the minimum thickness being 0.3mm or 0.4mm for single or double-layer boards (1L or 2L). In the case of a four-layer (4L) PCB, the thickness generally hovers around 0.6mm. please let us know if you need us to offer you ultra-thin circuit board price list.

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Product Description

Welcome you visit ultra-thin circuit board factory. Ultra-thin circuit boards are frequently employed in the domain of flexible electronics, wearable devices, folding screens, and other related industries due to their unique properties. The manufacturing process for these boards is notably intricate and demands a higher level of technological expertise and precision. Therefore, when undertaking the design and production of customized ultra-thin circuit boards, it is imperative to meticulously consider material selection, process control, and reliability testing to ensure that their performance and reliability align with the stringent requirements set forth by industry standards.

Basic information:

Product name: ultra-thin circuit board

Criteria:Aql II 0.65

Hole Sizes:0.25mm

Bevel Edge:Yes

Impedance:50/90/100 Ohm

Trace Width(Min.):4mil

Surfaec Treatment:Enig

Transport Package:Vacuum Packaging


Origin:Made in China

Ultra-thin circuit board features:

Ultra-thin circuit boards are characterized by their remarkable flexibility and bending properties, which enable them to be tailored to meet specific shape and bending requirements in a wide range of application scenarios. The reduced constraints of thin design allow ultra-thin PCB boards to achieve higher wiring density, thereby enhancing the complexity and functionality of the circuit, ultimately contributing to improved performance in various electronic applications.

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