8-layer Gold Finger PCB
  • 8-layer Gold Finger PCB8-layer Gold Finger PCB
  • 8-layer Gold Finger PCB8-layer Gold Finger PCB
  • 8-layer Gold Finger PCB8-layer Gold Finger PCB
  • 8-layer Gold Finger PCB8-layer Gold Finger PCB
  • 8-layer Gold Finger PCB8-layer Gold Finger PCB

8-layer Gold Finger PCB

In the PCB design and manufacturing industry, "Gold Finger" (also known as "Edge Connector") is used as the way for the PCB board to connect to external networks. The Cheap 8-layer Gold Finger PCB connects to a connector with a plug-in mechanism, where one end of the PCB board is inserted into the connector's card slot. We are 8-layer Gold Finger PCB manufacturers.Item’s insertion pins of the connector serve as the exit for the PCB board, allowing solder pads or copper strips to make contact with corresponding pin positions for alignment. Discount 8-layer Gold Finger PCB .A nickel-gold plate is then coated on these solder pads or copper strips, giving them their distinctive "Gold Finger" name due to their finger-like shape.

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Product Description

An 8-layer Gold Finger PCB board is a circuit board with 8 layers of circuits formed on a base board, where each layer is connected through copper holes to make it all come together.An 8-layer Gold Finger PCB made in china.Its main components include the following layers: top copper layer, top circuit layer, inner layers 1-4, bottom circuit layer, and bottom copper layer. Quality 8-layer Gold Finger PCB .The structure of an 8-layer PCB board is complex but it can improve the density and performance of the circuit board, meeting the needs of electronic products for high-speed transmission and miniaturization.

Basic information:

Item name: 8-layer Gold Finger PCB

Flame Retardant Properties: V0

Processing Technology:Delay Pressure Foil

Insulation Materials: Epoxy Resin

Quality Assurance: UL, Aoi, RoHS, ISO9001, 100% E-Test

Specification: Blind & Buried Vias/Resin Plugged Vias/Gold Finger

Origin: China

Application: Aerospace

Mechanical Rigid: Rigid

Base Material: Copper

Material Stock: Fr4, Isola, Rogers, Ceramic, Arlon, Pi, Taconic

What are the types of 8-layer Gold Finger PCB, and what are their respective features?

Gold fingers can be classified into three types: regular gold fingers (flat fingers), segmented gold fingers (interrupted gold fingers), and long and short gold fingers (i.e., uneven gold fingers).

(1) Regular gold fingers: arranged in a neat manner along the edge of the board, with the same length and width as the rectangular pad.

(2) Segmented gold fingers: rectangular pads with different lengths in the position along the edge of the board, and the front segment is broken.

(3) Long and short gold fingers: long rectangular pads located at different positions along the edge of the board with varying lengths.

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