Step Gold Finger PCB
  • Step Gold Finger PCBStep Gold Finger PCB
  • Step Gold Finger PCBStep Gold Finger PCB
  • Step Gold Finger PCBStep Gold Finger PCB
  • Step Gold Finger PCBStep Gold Finger PCB
  • Step Gold Finger PCBStep Gold Finger PCB

Step Gold Finger PCB

Fashion Step Gold Finger PCB is a common connectors found on computer memory and graphics cards. In PCB design, they need to have good conductivity, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance. Their main function is to make connections. Customized Step Gold Finger PCB .They can be categorized as regular gold fingers, long or short gold fingers, and segmented gold fingers based on their performance characteristics. China Step Gold Finger PCB .When designing them, it's important to pay attention to small tricks like avoiding copper pouring and using solder mask opening t.reatment in order to increase their durability and lifespan.

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Product Description

The advance Step Gold Finger PCB refers to the metal contact points on a printed circuit board (Printed Circuit Board, abbreviated as PCB) located typically on the edge of the board. They are usually made of metal materials such as gold, gold plating, or gold alloys. Step Gold Finger PCB have the following characteristics: First, they have excellent conductivity, which can effectively transmit signals and currents. Second, they have good corrosion resistance, which can resist oxidation and corrosion. Finally, they have good mechanical strength, which can withstand insertion and pressure.We are China Step Gold Finger PCB Supplier.

Basic information:

Item name: Step Gold Finger PCB

Layer count: 6 layer

Material: FR4, 1.0mm,0.5 OZ for all layer

Minimum trace: 3.8 mil

Minimum space(gap): 3.2 mil

Minimum hole: 0.20 mm

Surface finished: immersion gold +gold fingers (Au>10U")

Panel size: 128*78mm/10up

Application: Telecommunication equipment

Characteristics: Meg6 TG220, DK 3.28, immersion gold, impedance control, BGA, resin plugging, copper capping, embedded copper coin.

The Role of Step Gold Finger PCB:

PCB gold fingers play an important role in electronic products. Firstly, they are used to connect circuit boards and other electronic components, such as sockets, connectors, and chips. Through the connection of gold fingers, the connected components can establish reliable electrical connections with the circuit board. Secondly, PCB gold fingers are used to transmit signals and currents. They serve as input and output interfaces for the circuit board, enabling the transmission of signals and currents from electronic components to the circuit board or from the circuit board to other electronic components.

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