Aluminum Nitride Ceramic PCB
  • Aluminum Nitride Ceramic PCBAluminum Nitride Ceramic PCB
  • Aluminum Nitride Ceramic PCBAluminum Nitride Ceramic PCB
  • Aluminum Nitride Ceramic PCBAluminum Nitride Ceramic PCB
  • Aluminum Nitride Ceramic PCBAluminum Nitride Ceramic PCB

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic PCB

Specializing in the production of quality aluminum nitride ceramic PCB,Our products have high cost performance and will definitely satisfy you. Buy discount aluminum nitride ceramic PCB from us, this item renowned for their exceptional thermal conductivity, high current carrying capacity, outstanding insulation properties, and minimal thermal expansion coefficient, are widely favored in the deployment of high-power power electronic modules, as well as in aerospace and military electronics due to their superior performance characteristics. In order to ensure the best performance of our aluminum nitride ceramic PCB, all products have to pass strict inspection before they go out.

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Product Description

Hongxinda has advanced aluminum nitride ceramic PCB production equipment and technology, please offer your sample to us,we will free help customized aluminum nitride ceramic PCB.The substrate material most frequently employed in ceramic substrates owes its prevalence to its superior mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties relative to most other oxide ceramics, its high strength and chemical stability, and the abundance of raw material sources, rendering it well-suited for a diverse array of technological manufacturing and various shapes.If you interested in this item,please choose our company,we will offer you low price aluminum nitride ceramic PCB.

Basic information:

Item name: aluminum nitride ceramic PCB

Finished Product:Ceramic Circuit Board

Substrate Material:Aluminum Nitride (Aln) Ceramic

Surface Metallization Process:Mo-Mn Metallization and Ni Plating

Feature:Strong Bonding Strength Between Ceramic and Metal

Usage:to Realize Electrical Connections

Specification:Max. up to 140mm× 190mm

Transport Package:Individual Package

Aluminum nitride ceramic PCB features:

Ceramic circuit board has good high-frequency performance and electrical performance, and has high thermal conductivity, chemical stability and excellent thermal stability of organic substrates do not have the performance, is a new generation of large-scale integrated circuit and power electronic module of the ideal packaging material. In recent years, Silitong ceramic circuit boards have received extensive attention and rapid development.

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