Sensors Ceramic PCB
  • Sensors Ceramic PCBSensors Ceramic PCB
  • Sensors Ceramic PCBSensors Ceramic PCB
  • Sensors Ceramic PCBSensors Ceramic PCB
  • Sensors Ceramic PCBSensors Ceramic PCB

Sensors Ceramic PCB

High quality Shenzhen sensor ceramic PCB supplier is Hongxinda. China sensor ceramic PCBs are an advanced form of circuit board that offers superior performance and reliability, particularly in demanding high-performance electronic applications. Unlike traditional sensor ceramic PCB made from organic materials such as glass fiber or epoxy resin, Latest selling sensors ceramic PCBs are crafted from ceramic materials, endowing them with distinctive properties and functionalities.

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Product Description

As a sensors ceramic PCB manufacturer in China,we can support our customers from prototype to mass production. Newest sensor ceramic PCBs and transducers are crucial components in PCBs, allowing electronic systems to engage with and react to their surroundings. Sensors monitor physical conditions including temperature, pressure, light, and motion, converting these analog signals into electrical signals for PCB processing.Wholesale sensor ceramic PCBs are employed in a diverse array of applications, spanning from environmental monitoring and industrial automation to consumer electronics.

Basic information:

Product name: sensor ceramic PCB

Board Thickness(mm):0.25/0.38/0.5/0.635/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm

Layer Number:1-2L

Base copper thickness(um):18-300um(0.5-8.5oz)

Min Track width/space(mm):0.075mm

Min hole size:0.06mm(PTH)

Finished hole tolerance(mm):0.05mm(NPTH)

Outline Tolerance(mm):0.05mm

Hole Tolerance:+/-0.05mm

Min space from track to board edge:0.2mm

Finished board thickness:(0.25-0.38mm)+/-0.03mm

Advantages of sensor ceramic PCB:

Ceramic circuit board has many advantages, among which the ceramic circuit board has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high electrical insulation performance, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, large thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, and similar thermal expansion coefficient of components.

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