IC Carrier Board
  • IC Carrier BoardIC Carrier Board
  • IC Carrier BoardIC Carrier Board
  • IC Carrier BoardIC Carrier Board
  • IC Carrier BoardIC Carrier Board

IC Carrier Board

An IC Carrier Board is a crucial part of semiconductor packaging technology that has evolved with the development of high-density packaging techniques like ball grid array (BGA) and chip scale package (CSP). We are china IC Carrier Board supplier.Our item provides support, protection, and heat dissipation for the chip while also connecting it to the printed circuit board (PCB). Fashion IC Carrier Board substrates are known for their high density, precision, small size, and thin profile, making them an essential component in semiconductor packaging.

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Product Description

An IC Carrier Board, also known as an assembly substrate, has become a crucial part of high-end chip packaging.It not only supports and protects the chip but also connects it to the PCB motherboard, kind of like a bridge between them. It can even have passive and active devices embedded in it to perform specific system functions.Customized IC Carrier Board.

Basic information:

Item name: IC Carrier Board

Base Material FR-4

Customized: Customized

Certificates: UL, ISO13485, Ts16949

Type: Consumer Electronics PCBA, USB Board

Solder Mask Color: Yellow;Black;White;

Material: Fr4 Cem1 Cem3 Hight Tg

Supplier Type: PCB, PCBA, FPC, HDI, Rfpc

Metal Coating: Tin

How to Use an IC Carrier Board:

Carrier PCB size - The carrier should only be as large as needed to fit onto the existing land pattern.

Mounting - The placement/mounting style could be castellated along the edges, through-hole, or SMD.

Complexity - The carrier board should be as simple as possible to minimize lead time and cost.

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