Ultra Thin BT PCB
  • Ultra Thin BT PCBUltra Thin BT PCB
  • Ultra Thin BT PCBUltra Thin BT PCB
  • Ultra Thin BT PCBUltra Thin BT PCB
  • Ultra Thin BT PCBUltra Thin BT PCB
  • Ultra Thin BT PCBUltra Thin BT PCB

Ultra Thin BT PCB

Fashion Ultra Thin BT PCB can be referred to as PCBs with a thin PCB thickness compared to standard types. Additionally, they are more compact and lighter.This is because of its feature of high volume copper and the reduction in the material of the board substrate. We are china Ultra Thin BT PCB factory.These items are suitable for any PCB application where high reliability and miniaturization play a major role. It helps make miniaturization easy and smooth by providing high-density PCB design, and has better performance.

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Product Description

Ultra Thin BT PCB are those with a thickness thinner than standard PCBs. The normal thickness of a PCB board ranges from 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm, with a minimum thickness of 0.3 mm or 0.4 mm for single or double layers (1L or 2L). For four-layer PCBs, the thickness is typically around 0.6mm.Customized Ultra Thin BT PCB. This type of circuit board is commonly referred to as thin PCBs or thin boards in academic and technical contexts.Discount Ultra Thin BT PCB.

Basic information:

Item name: Ultra Thin BT PCB

Copper Thickness: 1oz                        

Board Thickness: 0.25mm

Min. Hole Size: 0.05mm        

Min. Line Width: 1.5mil    

Min. Line Spacing: 1.5mil

Surface Finishing: ENEPIG

Number of layers: 8L                            

PCB Standard: IPC-A-600

Solder Mask: Matt Black    

Legend: White

Ultra Thin BT PCB Features:

1. Space-saving: The thinness of ultra-thin PCB boards can reduce the overall size of the product, save space, and provide greater design flexibility.

2. Lightweight: Due to its thin design, ultra-thin PCB boards are lighter in weight and suitable for applications where the overall weight of the product is not a concern.

3. Flexibility: Ultra-thin PCB boards are usually highly flexible and have good bending properties, which can adapt to some special shapes and bending requirements in application scenarios.

4. High-density routing: Due to fewer restrictions from the thin design, ultra-thin PCB boards can achieve higher routing density, increasing the complexity and functionality of the circuit.

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