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Build a safety line and control risks at the source - 2024 safety management training


In order to improve the safety management capabilities of grassroots managers, respond to the call of the group's safety production month, and achieve "everyone talks about safety and everyone can respond to emergencies", Hongxinda Electronics held two safety management trainings in April and May to popularize safety production laws and regulations and the safety production responsibility system for all employees. The company's safety management department personnel, the main responsible persons and representatives of relevant departments participated in this training.

Shouldering responsibility to escort safety

In the mobilization speech before the training, Liang Yuanhui, director of the company's safety management department, emphasized the concept of "life first, safe development", hoping that the trainees can unify their thoughts, improve their cognition, put safety risk control work first, and adhere to the "bottom line" and "red line" of safety production. Effectively prevent risks, eliminate hidden dangers, and ensure safety, and escort the company's high-quality development.

We work together to create a safe future

This training was planned and organized by the Human Resources Department, and lecturers from the Zhongshan Emergency Management Bureau were invited to give lectures. A total of 56 people participated in the training, focusing on safety management knowledge, laws and regulations, risk control, improvement methods, etc., providing useful guidance for the company's safety management and operational risk prevention and control.

"Safety is no small matter, prevention comes first", taking the opportunity of "Safety Production Month", we will build a solid concept of "people first, life first", strictly implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first", resolutely shoulder the main responsibility for safety production, carry out various tasks in a solid manner, create a strong atmosphere of "everyone talks about safety, everyone will respond to emergencies", and help the company's high-quality development.

Shenzhen Hongxinda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

May 26, 2024

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