20-layer PCB
  • 20-layer PCB20-layer PCB
  • 20-layer PCB20-layer PCB
  • 20-layer PCB20-layer PCB
  • 20-layer PCB20-layer PCB
  • 20-layer PCB20-layer PCB
  • 20-layer PCB20-layer PCB

20-layer PCB

China 20-layer PCB boards are extensively utilized in communication equipment, such as base station antennas and optical communication systems. A 20-layer PCB made in China.These devices require the processing of large volumes of data and signals. By employing a multi-layer stacking approach, 20-layer PCB boards can enhance the density and performance of circuit boards, thereby meeting the demands for high-speed transmission and large-capacity storage in these applications.

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Product Description

A 20-layer PCB board is characterized by high impedance control, EMC control, and signal integrity, making it well-suited for providing safer and more reliable circuit boards for medical equipment. Through the use of multi-layer stacking, discount 20-layer PCB board ,it can enhance the density and performance of the circuit board to meet the stringent requirements of industrial automation equipment. Additionally, it can also fulfill the high demands of military equipment for circuit boards by improving density and performance.Customized 20-layer PCB Board.

Basic information:

Item name: 20-layer PCB

Flame Retardant Properties: V0

Processing Technology: Electrolytic Foil

Insulation Materials: Organic Resin

Usage: 5g Communication PCB

Usage2: Large Server PCB

Usage4: Industrial Internet PCB

Specification: As Requested

Application: Automotive Connector

Usage1: Aerospace PCB

Usage3: Intelligent Medical PCB

Key Capabilities for 20-layer PCB:

Handling board sizes exceeding 460mm x 610mm

Stackup with 20 conductive copper layers interleaved with dielectric

Tight layer to layer registration accuracy of ~50um

Line width and spacing down to 3/3 mil with tolerances of +/- 0.5 mil

Laser drilled and plated microvias with 5 mil diameter and pitch down to 8 mil

1 oz copper on outer layers, 0.5 oz for inner layers

Various dielectric materials – FR4, Rogers, Polyimide, PTFE etc.

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