• IC Test PCBIC Test PCB
  • IC Test PCBIC Test PCB
  • IC Test PCBIC Test PCB
  • IC Test PCBIC Test PCB
  • IC Test PCBIC Test PCB
  • IC Test PCBIC Test PCB
  • IC Test PCBIC Test PCB


Ion Chromatography (IC) is the industry-approved method for testing the level of ionic contamination. IC Test PCB is a important step.First, we measure the surface area of the PCB board and prepare an extraction strip. Fashion IC Test PCB .Then, we place the PCB board in the extraction strip and add solvent for extraction at a constant temperature of 80°C for 1 hour. After pre-treatment, we take the clear liquid from the extraction solution, quantify it, and test it on the IC ion chromatograph to analyze the data.Wholesale IC Test PCB.

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Product Description

The China IC Test PCB mainly involves using testing probes to make contact with the test points on the board. This helps detect issues like short circuits, open circuits, and faulty soldering of components. Discount IC Test PCB. It can also measure things like resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystals, diodes, transistors, optocouplers, transformers, relays, operational amplifiers and power modules. Additionally it can perform functional tests on small-to-medium-scale integrated circuits such as all 74 series chips and Memory types commonly used driver types and switching types ICs..China IC Test PCB suppliers.

Basic information:

Item name: IC Test PCB

Max board width: 400 mm

Type : Dual wave

Pbs status: Lead-free line support

Spray flux: add-on

Speed : 0.15 sec/chip,0.7 sec/QFP

Min Component size: 0201-54 sq.mm.(0.084 sq.inch),long connector,CSP,BGA,QFP

Capacity: 52 million placements per month

IC Test PCB quality control:

IOC incoming inspection

SPI solder paste inspection

Online AOI inspection

SMT first article inspection

External assessment

X-RAY-welding inspection

BGA device rework

QA inspection

Anti-static warehousing and shipment

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