• EM-890K PCBEM-890K PCB
  • EM-890K PCBEM-890K PCB
  • EM-890K PCBEM-890K PCB
  • EM-890K PCBEM-890K PCB
  • EM-890K PCBEM-890K PCB
  • EM-890K PCBEM-890K PCB


The EM-890K PCB specifically designed to offer high thermal reliability and exceptional resistance to CAF (Conductive Anodic Filament) in a variety of applications.Customized EM-890K PCB -suited for use in high-speed Ethernet, networking, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, 5G technology, antennas, and more.This material features a high Tg (glass transition temperature), ultra-low loss properties, and is halogen-free. EM-890K PCB made in China.

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Product Description

The EM-890K PCB is one of the top five laminate board manufacturers globally and a leading supplier of eco-friendly halogen-free laminate boards. China EM-890K PCB very famous. They offer a wide range of products for various applications. IC testing typically includes physical visual inspection, functional testing, desoldering, solderability testing, TY testing, electrical testing, x-ray testing, RoHS testing, and FA (failure analysis) testing.Buy EM-890K PCB.

Basic information:

Item name: EM-890K PCB

Type: Halogen-free

Dk: 2.8 to 3.1

Df: 0.0018 to 0.0025

Td: 430 Degree C

Tg: 170 to 205 Degree C

Frequency: 1 to 10 GHz

UL: yes

Cte xy: 12, 13 ppm/Degree C

Cte z: 45 to 50, 185 to 205 ppm/Degree C

Flamibility: V-0

Industry application Aerospace and defence, Automotive, Industrial, Militry

Peel strength: 4.5 kg/cm

Surface resistivity: 10^9 Mohm

Volume resistivity: 10^10 Mohm-cm

EM-890K PCB Technical Resources:

EM-890K/ EM-89BK High Tg/Ultra Low Loss/Halogen Free

EM-890K(A)/ EM-89BK(A)

EM-890/ EM-89B High Tg/Ultra Low Loss/Halogen Free

EM-890/ EM-89B High Tg/Ultra Low Loss/Halogen Free

EM-825/ EM-825B Middle Tg/Low CTE /Lead Free

EM-827 / EM-827B High Tg / Low CTE / Lead Free

EM-825(I) / EM-825B(I) Middle Tg / CAF Resistance / Lead Free

EM-827(I) / EM-827B(I) High Tg /CAF Resistance /Lead Free

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