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Coil PCB

We are China Coil circuit boards factory, sometimes referred to as RF coil or spiral coil boards, refer to a design where a single trace coils around itself in a spiral-like pattern. These Coil PCB designs have gained popularity as onboard planar inductors, instead of using a physical inductor component to save space and money. In the past, the technique was used extensively for IR receivers advanced Coil PCB but notably gained popularity when a designer used multiple coils in a multi-layer PCB to create a miniature PCB motor.

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Product Description

China PCB coil is an inductor created directly on the layers of a printed circuit board using the copper traces themselves to form the coiled structure. Wholesale Coil PCB allow embedding inductive elements into the circuit board itself rather than using discrete inductor components. The trace dimensions and layout pattern determine the resulting inductance.

Basic information of Coil PCB:

Type: Wireless

Quick Charging Function: With Quick Charging Function

Customized: Customized

Input Power: 12(V) 2A

Transmission Distance: 2-6mm

Standards: Qi Standard

Power Source: Electric

Output Power: 10W

Charging Efficiency: Greater Than 70%

Working Frequency: 100-200kHz

Specification: PCB Size: 92x52mm

PCB coils provide benefits:

Switching power supplies – for filter chokes

Buck converters – output filter inductor

Motor drives – supply input filters

DC-DC converters – energy storage element

Low noise amplifiers – gate bias coils

Snubber circuits – energy storage and resonance damping

Oscillators and RF amplifiers – for frequency setting and impedance matching

EMI filters – common mode choke coils

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