Printed Circuit Board
  • Printed Circuit BoardPrinted Circuit Board
  • Printed Circuit BoardPrinted Circuit Board
  • Printed Circuit BoardPrinted Circuit Board
  • Printed Circuit BoardPrinted Circuit Board
  • Printed Circuit BoardPrinted Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board

We are a china Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers.Wholesale Printed Circuit Board,we offer free sample.Item is a fundamental component of electronic devices that provides a platform for the assembly and connection of various electronic components. It is a flat board made of non-conductive material, usually fiberglass, which is then coated with a layer of conductive material like copper. The conductive material is etched into specific patterns, creating a network of pathways or traces. The primary purpose of a PCB is to provide mechanical support and electrical connections for electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and integrated circuits.

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Product Description

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB), also called printed wiring board (PWB), we offer Customized Printed Circuit Board,is a medium used to connect or "wire" components to one another in a circuit. Printed Circuit Board Made in China.It takes the form of a laminated sandwich structure of conductive and insulating layers: each of the conductive layers is designed with a pattern of traces, planes and other features (similar to wires on a flat surface) etched from one or more sheet layers of copper laminated onto and/or between sheet layers of a non-conductive substrate.[1] Electrical components may be fixed to conductive pads on the outer layers in the shape designed to accept the component's terminals, generally by means of soldering,


Layer Count: 0 - 40 Layers

Turn Time: Same Day - 4 Weeks

Materials: FR-4/Rogers/Polyimide/Aluminum Clad/High-Temp. FR4/Others

Plating Finish: Gold/ENIG/Nickel/Immersion Silver OSP/Leaded & Lead-Free HAL

Board Thickness: Full Range Available

Copper Weight: 0.5 - 4 oz. Inner / 1 - 20 oz. Outer

Trace/Space: Down to 2.75 / 3 Mils

Min.Hole Size: 0.004"

Plated Holes: Plated / Non-Plated

Printed circuit board BENEFITS:


High-quality signal transmission

Faster assembly time


Increased mechanical stability

Higher thermal performance

Wide range of applications

Ease of testing

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