• TG250 PCBTG250 PCB
  • TG250 PCBTG250 PCB
  • TG250 PCBTG250 PCB
  • TG250 PCBTG250 PCB
  • TG250 PCBTG250 PCB
  • TG250 PCBTG250 PCB


China TG250 PCB circuit board is a high-performance multi-layer circuit board widely used in various electronic devices. It has excellent electrical, mechanical, and thermal performance, which can meet various complex circuit design requirements.We have been specializing in TG250 PCB prototyping and turnkey PCB assembly services and are one of China's leading companies in the industry. We can also make quick pcb. Offer free sample,Customized TG250 PCB.As customers plates copied from the PCB, PCB design, prototype production, production, processing, and other SMT one-stop service.

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Product Description

China TG250 PCB circuit board has excellent mechanical properties, with a bending strength of 75 Newton/millimeter, a tensile strength of 90 Newton/millimeter, and a hardness of 95 Shore. The TG250 circuit board made in china has good thermal properties, with a glass transition temperature of 150 degrees Celsius and a coefficient of thermal expansion of 6.5 x 10 ^ -6 degrees Celsius.

Basic Information:

Product Name:TG250 PCB

Processing Technology:Electrolytic Foil

Insulation Materials:Metal Composite Materials

Specification:Blind & Buried Vias/Resin Plugged Vias/Gold Finger

Production Capacity:20000sq. M/Month


Mechanical Rigid:Fexible

Transport Package:Vacuum Packing, Foam Protection, Carton Packing


Polyimide system provides ultra‐high thermal performance, with Tg > 250℃ (TMA), Td >405℃ (5% loss, TGA), and T300>60min. „

Lower Z‐axis CTE of 1.20% ( 50‐260℃) offering superior PTH reliability. „

Maintain mechanical strength and bonding strength at high temperature. „

Tough resin system, Non‐MDA chemistry. „

Halogen‐free chemistry compatible with lead‐free processing. RoHS/WEEE compliant. „

IPC 4101C/40, /41

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