8OZ Heavy Copper PCB
  • 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB8OZ Heavy Copper PCB
  • 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB8OZ Heavy Copper PCB
  • 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB8OZ Heavy Copper PCB
  • 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB8OZ Heavy Copper PCB
  • 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB8OZ Heavy Copper PCB

8OZ Heavy Copper PCB

We are china 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB supplier. The common copper foil thicknesses used in international PCBs are 17.5um, 35um, 50um, and 70um. Usually, when customers make a PCB, they don't specify the copper thickness, so single-sided and double-sided PCBs typically have a copper thickness of 35um, which is like 1 ounce of copper. However, some special circuit boards may use thicker options like 3OZ, 4OZ, 5OZ...up to 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB depending on the product requirements. The purpose of the PCB determines the copper thickness needed. Copper thicknesses of over 3oz are considered thick copper products and are mostly used for high-current applications such as high-voltage products and power supply boards!

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Product Description

Thick copper foil printed circuit boards 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB are made with thick and extra-thick copper foil. Buy discount 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB .They're different from regular PCBs in terms of the materials used, production process, and where they're used, so they're a special type of PCB. These boards are mostly used for high-current applications like power modules and automotive electronic components. 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB with free sample.

Basic information:

Item name: 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB

Product types: 1-2 layer aluminum, copper base pcb boards

Maximum finished board size: 250*5000mm

Board thickness: 0.4mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm

Min. trace width & spacing: 0.045/0.045MM

Tolerance for finished product: ±0.03mm

Copper thickness: 12UM, 18UM, 36UM, 70UM

PTH Hole Dia.Tolerance(plated-through-hole): ±0.05mm

Acceptance criteria: Factory production standard, GB;IPC-650, IPC-6012, IPC-6013 II, IPC-6013 III, etc

What Are the Advantages of using 8OZ Heavy Copper PCB?

Plating and etching combination making straight sidewalls and negligible undercut.

Increasing copper thickness in PTH and via sidewalls.

Increasing range of current conductivity.

Potential smaller board size from layering.

Increasing strength at connector sites.

Transferring heat to external heatsink.

Increasing mechanical strength at connector sites and in PTH holes./li>

Increasing the endurance to thermal strains.

Increasing on-board high-power-density planar transformers.

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