9 Layers PCB Board
  • 9 Layers PCB Board9 Layers PCB Board
  • 9 Layers PCB Board9 Layers PCB Board
  • 9 Layers PCB Board9 Layers PCB Board
  • 9 Layers PCB Board9 Layers PCB Board
  • 9 Layers PCB Board9 Layers PCB Board
  • 9 Layers PCB Board9 Layers PCB Board

9 Layers PCB Board

China 9 Layers PCB Board is an electronic board featuring ten layers of conductive material for signal routing. This 9 Layers PCB Board structure allows for complex circuit designs, accommodating a denser arrangement of electronic components. You use 10-layer printed circuit boards in applications that need proper electromagnetic conductivity. 9 Layers PCB Board free sample.

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Product Description

The standard stack-up of a 9 Layers PCB Board is a well-thought-out arrangement that balances signal integrity, power distribution, and grounding needs. This cheap 9 Layers PCB Board typically alternates between signal layers and power/ground layers, ensuring efficient circuit operation and minimizing issues like noise and interference.The typical configuration of a 9 Layers PCB Board includes multiple signal layers interspersed with ground and power layers.

Basic information:

Item: 9 Layers PCB Board

Layer Counts:9 Layers

Material: FR-4,Cu base,High TG FR-4,PTFE,Rogers,TEFLON etc.

Board thickness: 0.20mm-8.00mm

Maximum Size: 600mmX1200mm

Board Outline Tolerance: +0.10mm

Thickness Tolerance(t≥0.8mm): ±8%

Thickness Tolerance(t<0.8mm): ±10%

Insulation Layer Thickness: 0.075mm--5.00mm

Minimum Line:0.075mm

Minimum Space:0.075mm

Out Layer Copper Thickness: 18um--350um

Inner Layer Copper Thickness: 17um--175um

Drilling Hole(Mechanical): 0.15mm--6.35mm

Finish Hole(Mechanical): 0.10mm-6.30mm

Impedance control Tolerance:±10%

Surface finish/treatment: HASL,ENIG,Chem,Tin,Flash Gold, OSP, Gold Finger

Designing 9 Layers PCB Board, here are key points to consider:

Thickness of FR-4 Laminates: For PCBs with more than 6-8 layers, thinner FR-4 laminates, typically between 0.8 and 1.2 mm, are recommended over the standard 1.6 mm. This helps manage the board's overall thickness for fitting into electronic devices.

Material for High Frequencies: For higher frequency applications, materials with a low dielectric constant (Dk), different from standard FR-4, should be used. These materials improve signal integrity at high frequencies.

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): The Tg should be over 170°C, especially for lead-free soldering and high-reliability applications. This ensures the material withstands high temperatures without degrading.

Glass Weave Styles: Using tight weave glass styles in laminates ensures more uniform dielectric properties, which is important for consistent electrical performance, particularly in high-speed applications.

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